Venetian cuisine is so rich in flavors and traditions that are worth to discover the details. The appetizer of seafood is the most popular dishes because the fish comes straight early in the morning from the lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. Do not miss a taste of creamed cod, the cod cooked in milk and then crushed in a mortar to make it soft, or sardines in sauce, sweet and sour sardines fried and seasoned with onions and pine nuts, rice and peas, rice with peas, pasta and faioi dish typically made ​​with autumn pasta, beans and pork rinds, and the tiramisu for dessert, soft cake with mascarpone, coffee and marsala wine served with biscuits. But first of all it is inevitable a spritz, an aperitif or with wine, soda and, optionally, Aperol or Campari, to start the evening.

  • Vini da Gigio

    The restaurant Vini da Gigio keeps the name and insignia of the old bacaro detected more than two decades ago by the family Lazzari. It 's like an old inn…

  • Vino Vino

    In the district of San Marco, is the restaurant Enoteca Vino Vino. This is a place that offers a wide range of wines with over 250 labels. This is accompanied,…