Festival Dubois 2012

New festival at Palazzetto Bru Zane

 The casino Zane, built betwwn 1695 and 1697 in the San Stin district, housed the entertainment of the Zane Family, who libed in the nearby Palazzo Zane. 
The main Palace was separated from the Palazzetto by a french garden. 
Baldassarre Longhena – the most distringuished Venetian architect od the Baroque period- completed the restoration of the Palazzo Zane commissioned by Domenico Zane. 
The frescoes in the house have recently been attribuited to Sebastiano Ricci. 

From April 14 to May 27, 2012 Palazzetto Bru Zane is presenting an original monographi exhibition dedicated to a Romantic composer whose name is unknow to the majority today: Théodore Dubois. 
Of ecletic inspiration, his extensive, diversified compositions cover all musical genres, revealing an art that is of the greatest fascination. 
Following in Dubois’s footsteps, oher comporary composer were summoned such as Gouvy, La Tompelle, Debussy, Paladilhe, Duvernoy, Franck e Pfeiffer. 

For information about the concerts: www.bru-zane.com
For reservation: info@veneziasi.com