Henry Hargreaves. No Seconds

Confort food and photography at San Servolo

At the museum of Madness of San Servolo, from day 7 September 2013, you can visit the first European exhibition of New Zealand photographer, Henry Hargreaves, famous for his research on photography and food. An exhibition begins with series such as Deep Fried Gadgets to culminate , through the choices of the pop star of Band Riders, in a reflection on the food and imprisonment in No Seconds , famous shots dedicated to the last dinner of the American sentenced to death .

Photography and comfort food, defined as food chosen to mark a moment , assisting, which gives strength and opens a gap in the deep identity. A suggestive link between contents of the work of art and history of the place, at the Museum of Madness , which reinterprets the concept of imprisonment. An event that combines photography and haute cuisine , and is open to all fans of both.

At the opening (by invitation) important Italian chefs will be brought, under the supervision of the food designer Rosita Dorigo, to reflect on the theme proposed for tasting for a select audience , some of their food concept. Testimonial of the startup of the project are the chef Andy Luotto and Pietro Leemann, chosen for their ideas on of anthropological and spiritual theme.

Henry Hargreaves, a former model, is known for his research work on the relationship between photography and food: famous are in fact shots of his IPhone and IPad fried and pictures of burned pizzas ot rainbow burgers.

The curator Chiara Casarin put the works in a new and charming relationship, which binds to double-strand to the venue choice, leading the visitor in an exhibition that is also a ” descent into hell “. The common element is the concept of comfort food , food for the soul is understood as a food or dish just chosen to give comfort, strength, consolation , that draws on the most hidden and ancestral needs: like the big pop star with their choices before eccentric to deal with the crowds of the concerts, the ill in the hospital suffered for which the food was part of the cure and the condemned inmates live it on death row, as a last wish of familiarity.

Visit the exhibition at San Servolo

From 7 September to 24 November. Open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 6.30pm.