Hotel Ambra

  • Hotel Ambra

Located in an cultural/historical area of tourism, natural and commercial interest

The Hotel Ambra is the one to choose from among all the hotels in Venice and the province also for its strategic location. In fact, it is centrally located in an area surrounded by several centers of historical/cultural, tourism, natural and commercial interest. The Hotel is located 2 km from the Quarto d’Altino exit from the A4 toll road and is close to the industrial and commercial area.

The splendid city of Venice is located just 15 km from the Quarto d’Altino Hotel and is easily reached by bus or train: there are several connections every hour from the Quarto d’Altino station to Venice and vice versa, beginning at 5 in the morning through to midnight.

Our nearness to Venice is not the only reason to choose a hotel in Quarto d’Altino. The first settlement in nearby Altino, a rich archeological area, dates from the 7th century BC and was later one of the major trading ports of the upper Adriatic. The Altino Archeological Museum, located nearby, contains interesting finds from the Roman and pre-Roman periods that document the ancient luxuries of the place.

In addition, nature lovers will have a unique opportunity to visit the Trepalade oasis in Portegrandi, an uncontaminated nature preserve in which various animal species find refuge among its luxuriant vegetation.

Moreover, the Hotel’s closeness to the Sile River offers the possibility of making a reservation to reach Venice and its islands in a romantic boat excursion, surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere of leafy banks, stands of cane and woods. The excursion is available for both groups and individuals, with the possibility of lunch on the boat or in a restaurant in Venice.

The more sports-minded can discover the natural marvels of the Sile River on bicycle or foot, on the path that runs from Quarto d’Altino to the splendid city of Treviso, with its old town center and beautiful Venetian Villas.