Hotel Domina Ca' Zusto

  • Hotel Domina Ca' Zusto

A noble and sophisticated Gothic Palace

Domina Home Ca’ Zusto, rising in the heart of the city in the Santa Croce District just a short distance from Canal Grande, is a unique structure that has preserved the striking features of the ancient, noble and sophisticated Gothic Palace.

The hotel furnishings are the creation of designer Gianmarco Cavagnino who has made it a place of excitement and surprises that is strongly bound to the past. It is an alternative for Venice: an exciting and unexpected house with the colours, decorations and atmosphere of the Venetian-Byzantine tradition in a domestic but “international” context, which recalls Venice in the 14th century.

Each of the 22 suites has been decorated with different colours and curtains to make it the backdrop for a truly unique holiday or weekend in Venice.