Pearls hunt in Venice

On September 7, 2013 a special hunt in Venice

On september 7 there will be the second edition of the  PEARLS HUNT organized by ¿ Do you Bead ? , the network of designers and manufacturers that promotes and protects for 5 years ,with a full calendar of events , history and culture of Venetian glass beads and Murano .

After the success of the last edition held in the Cannaregio district, where participants of all ages had fun with a journey of research and discovery in places with old world charm and a great tradition in the creation of pearls, for this edition of the beautiful Venetian beads are covered with of mystery and become talismans that lead us to the Holy Cross bringing us back to a mysterious Venice, a labyrinth of narrow streets and buildings that are reflected in the canals evoking other dimensions, where each stone has a secret code or symbol to decipher!

HUNTING THE PEARLS OF MYSTERY, event ¿ Do you Bead ? , 2013, edited by Marisa Convento is a journey in the time machine in the district Venetian among the oldest and richest of mystery: HOLY CROSS .

We propose to venture into the dark tangle of alleys and small courtyards to discover authentic pearls of mystery not yet entirely consumed by the centuries.

We will recognize the rich ornate glass beads that have stolen from the Byzantine patere, we will try to unravel the secrets of the alchemical formulas, recipes for colors jealously defended by “Tentori ” of fabrics and mixtures of elements to make glass learned by the Byzantines, Romans and Phoenicians.

Follow us in our hunt for pearls and bring children and adults in the footsteps of the crusaders, alchemists and merchants. The appointment is in Campo San Simeon Grande, Saturday, September 7, 2013 at 3:30pm. Participation is free until availability but reservation required .

At the end of the bead hunt follow the awards ceremony for the best group of participants with a little party accompanied by precious KRUMIRI RED Casalmonferrato at the delightful Hotel Ca ‘ Nigra Lagoon Resort which overlooks the Grand Canal with its ancient magical rose garden .

Doyoubead recommended: comfortable shoes, photocamera, water bottle and pearl necklaces blinds as talismans .

For reservations and information: (+39) 041-5230292 or (+39) 041-713601

In case of severe weather the event will be postponed until a later date .