A romantic ciak

A romantic ciak

A city hopelessly romantic. Do you want to win your woman or your man? Since the city was chosen as the ideal set by directors from all over the world , plan a weekend in Venice dedicated to love , treat yourself to a romantic walk to the places where they were shot the most beautiful films seen at the cinema. And with the opportunity to every corner of a stolen kiss your woman !

How we could not remember, for example, Alberto Sordi in the comedy “Venice, the Moon and You” by Dino Risi , a film of 1958. A fun Sordi who played the part of the gondolier and spoke a dialect of Venetian with Roman accent . Unsurpassed ! Relive the scene in the movie and take your love with the beautiful island of San Giorgio: here is where Nina decides to marry another, tired of betrayal by Bepi, Sordi . But Bepi reaches the last moment and destroys the wedding plans with his rival. A happy romantic end.

We love also the film by Silvio Soldini entitled “Bread and Tulips“, which tells the story of Rosalba, a housewife of Pescara on holiday with her family, but forgotten in a highway .” Bread and Tulips ” after a few scenes in St. Mark’s Square and the station, is concentrated in the so-called Venice minor in the field of Miracles , for example, where there is a beautiful church, or campazzo in San Sebastian , close to the Angel Raphael, in the canal of the Misericordia in Cannaregio or in the field to Do Pozzi in Castello .

Do you remember the movie “Everyone Says I Love You” by Woody Allen ? If you want to impress your woman take her to the hotel Gritti, in the Hemingway Suite 116 and ordered a Bellini at Bar Longhi just like in the movie scene . Or do you do like Woody Allen that chases Julia Roberts in Campo Santo Stefano, Piscina San Samuele, at Santa Maria del Giglio and rafts . To end up you can take her to admir, like the protagonists of the film, the wonderful series of paintings by Tintoretto in the Scuola Grande di San Rocco.

The Hotel Danieli is background for the troubled history between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in the film “The Tourist” . The famous scene in which Depp (actually the stand-in) is launched from the palace of the Rialto fish market to escape from his pursuers .

Sad, but terribly romantic, is “Anonimo Veneziano“. Two ex that meet again in Venice. He , musician of the Phoenix, which have only a few months to live confess this terrible news to the lovers at Giudecca Island, to be precise on the Ponte Longo. She is very beautiful and charming. To retrace the footsteps of an everlasting love that never ends , take a boat to the station as the two protagonists, follow the Grand Canal , head to the Ca ‘ Foscari University , home of the University , where Tony remembers their first meeting. Alla Giudecca you can visit the Casa dei Tre Oci , which in the film is the home of the protagonist. Reach Campo Santo Stefano , where he closes the film, to the tune of a soundtrack tearjerker .

But notice the sadness, under the Bridge of Sighs, Sean Connery as agent 007 take a gondola trip with his conquest in “From Russia with Love“. Bring also your sweetheart: a gondola ride under the bridge symbol of Venice captivate you forever .

How can we not follow , then , the traces of “Casanova“, starring Heath Ledger. Under the arches of the Palazzo Ducale Casanova and the Doge walk. Do you too !

To conclude the day , treat yourself to once a dinner at the Hotel Cipriani on the Giudecca , by the pool. Within the complex are hidden with the lovely gardens of ancient vineyards. A visit to do!