Romantic Venice under the stars

 The romantic Venice under the stars

There is nothing more romantic than watching a starry sky, especially if you are in Venice. But there is a place where you can do it with the illusion of almost touch the stars and the moon: the Planetarium at the Lido !

If you want to spend a romantic weekend in Venice, the appointment with the planetarium is a must. While you will be comfortably seated, with a musical background, you can see the sky located in the middle of St. Mark’s Basin, surrounded by the beautiful surroundings of the bell tower of San Marco, the Basilica della Salute, the church of San Giorgio . In short, it’s like having the sky in a room.

Inside the building, the center is placed a projector with a myriad of lenses and mechanisms: all around there are chairs for spectators and, over the head, a large hemispherical dome. The Planetarium will reproduce the sky, projecting the image of the extremely realistic stars and celestial bodies on the dome, so that you seem to be outdoors. So you can enjoy the magical representation of a cloudless night with a sky summer or winter, with the points of observation are truly amazing: the Bacino di San Marco or the Arctic Circle. But it does not stop there because the atmosphere will be that of the present day, but it will also make the long jumps back to the times of the ancient Egyptians.

This is because the building has a complex system of motors and mechanisms to simulate any situation: daily events like the sunset weather events such as an evening or clear the fog that enveloped the city, the movements of the planets and the stars, or the movement of latitude or disturbances of the Earth over the centuries.

The Planetarium at the Lido is one of the few still operating in Italy. Its story is somewhat unique: founded in the ’80s by a group of enthusiasts Venetians, the structure has become one of the most important in size and features.

The property is owned by the City of Venice and is inserted in the circuit of the Venetian Civic Museums and the Amateur Astronomers Association is managed by the Venetians, who proposes all year long conversations and conferences on various topics.