The merchants of Venice

From Marco Polo to the Rialto Market

One of the peculiarities of the Venetians, it is that have always been to be big merchants.

In fact many of the noble families who lived in the city were devoted to trade and so they could get rich and maintain a high lifestyle.

Among the well-known merchants, the first to be mentioned is obviously Marco Polo, traveler par excellence, who started very young from Venice to discover the Far East where heĀ  remained for 27 years before returning home. And from here the tourĀ  which commemorates the Venice of the merchants starts. From the legendary home of Marco Polo, the Fondaco dei Turchi , the ancient seat of the merchants of the North, to the beating heart of the economy of the Republic of Venice: Rialto Market with the ancient structures of the past, but also with the vibrancy of today’s market which offers visitors all sorts of souvenirs and memories of the city.