Theatrical Itinerary coutesan and debauchery in Venice

A new tour in the city

In-Venice is pleased to present a new cultural tour of the city of Venice.
The proposed route is a walk in the lanes and fields in search of those places that tell the story of courtesans and debauchery in Venice.
Starting from the fourteenth century until the fall of the Republic in 1797, you will discover customs, laws and curiosities related to this aspect, among others, helped make famous the Serenissima.
Will be narrated by actual events and annedoti of more or less known, including monasteries and palaces, have made ​​the history of Lechery in Venice.
The narrative alternates to the interventions of two professional actresses who recite scenes from the events described.
A theater for street” that will make for lively storytelling just heard, with verve and humor characteristic of the best comedy Venice.

To make the most of the atmosphere of this matter and appreciate the spoken parts, the route takes place in the evening or late afternoon, in a Venice surrounded by the magic and mysteries.
The ITINERARY takes place on reservation for up to 25 people and has a duration of approx. 3 hours.

For information and reservations