Don’t touch those stones

Do not touch those stones

Venice is mysteries, legends, superstitions. Some very nice and curious . Like this one: there are stones in Venice that just do not have to walk on because it is believed to bring bad luck .

The first stone that you need during your walks carefully around the red one is located in the portico of Calle Zorzi and Corte Nova, in the Castello district . The many students who pass by here to go to school to avoid stepping on the stone because they fear failing that, get a bad grade in tasks or in queries. The legends related to the events that happened in this part of Venice are numerous: some say that during epidemics the residents of this area, however, were all in good health and that this area had been spared during the bombings . So the plague and cholera die saw thousands of Venetians , but none that lived here. For this reason, the inhabitants erected two capitals dedicated to the Virgin Mary for having watched over them . Some say instead that Our Lady appeared in this porch , during a severe epidemic , announcing the end of suffering . And it seems that the red stone delimiting the border where he stopped the plague. However, the red stone is just unfortunate, perhaps because when a person was sentenced to death the verdict was pronounced between the columns in red marble Palazzo Ducale. Not to mention that during the Serenissima the color of mourning was just red. In short, history, legend, folk beliefs and superstition simple intertwine. But if you can do as the Venetians and not step on that stone !

Another stone brings bad luck is that the stretch of street leading from Campo San Canzian to Campo Santa Maria Nova. It is a sheet larger than that of Corte Nova and not red but rather gray. Here you do not know the origin of the bypass because the Venetians, the fact is that although there is pedestrian traffic will see many Venetians not wait to step on it .

On the other hand , it is known that in Venice are concealed many mysterious events . The most striking is the beautiful Palazzo Ca ‘ Dario, the Grand Canal, however, known for the series of disasters that hit its various owners. So much so that Ca ‘ Dario is nicknamed ” The cursed house” Who buys this building, in short, is killed or committed suicide . In fact , the list of people that they stayed at Ca ‘Dario and fell into ruin, which was the cause of the suicide is really long and dates back to the first owner. Most recent suicides go back to the manager of the rock band “The Who”, in the ’80s , and the famous Raoul Gardini in 1993.

But just to stay on the subject of superstitions, remember to never cut between the red columns of the Ducal Palace, is said to bring bad luck ! Here you could read the sentences , so easy to think that even at the time of the Venetian Serenissima preferred for this reason do all around the square and do not cut the corner!