Venice on bragozzo, galeone and barca a vela

Venice with bragozzo, galleon or sailing boat

Another way to see Venice is to get on a boat and get carried around the lagoon and its islands. An alternative tourism, for people who want to live in peace and quiet lagoon, away from the traditional tourist destinations, lulled by the slow pace, including salt marshes , nature reserves, fresh fish and the breeze of the lagoon. Discovering ancient islands , monuments, churches , monasteries, handicrafts and traditional cuisine. Do not just get on a bell tower to figure out how it is made the lagoon of Venice: you have to live on the water , take a dip in the past and navigate like the ancient mariners. The companies that offer tours of this type are many, we do have selected a few for you. You will sail on comfortable sailboats, or the beautiful bragozzi, on sampierotte, or on board of the sympathetic Galleon of Venice.

For example, Race & Cruise offers a variety of relaxing on a sailboat: from aperitif to dinner by the moonlight , until the itineraries of one, two or three days wandering around in search of the most beautiful places of the lagoon. The goals are Burano and Torcello , Poveglia and Pellestrina , Malamocco Alberoni , San Clemente, San Servolo and Chioggia .

The Bragozzo, aboard traditional boats, organizes tours in the lagoon and along the rivers, turns romantic at sunset, but also fishing aboard a typical fishing boat to learn the techniques of fishing Venetian and have lunch on the fishing, bird watching and lessons of Venetian rowing and sailing . For those wishing to choose a traditional boat, but faster, Bragozzo provides the speedboat vintage “Sunflower”, a boat walking elegant all painted wood.

David Busato and Paola Sfameni , owners of the company Arcomai, are two archaeologists who organize nature trips/archaeological visit, aboard wooden boats, the discovery of the lagoon ecosystem, construction techniques in the lagoon and the economy in the swamps of the Middle Ages .

Finally, experience is definitely fun to climb on board the Galleon of Venice, the Jolly Roger, for a hike along the Adriatic coast and the Venetian lagoon. Do not be afraid if you see a flag hoisted, a black flag on a white skull and the crew dressed as pirates: pirates have attacked Venice, but it is the only a boat that sails the waters of Venice and organizes aboard private dinners, weddings, parties themed events and business meetings.

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