Manet. Return to Venice

A increbibile exhibition in Palazzo Ducale from April 24

Manet. Return to Venice is the title of the exhibition Venice Civic Museums Foundation will host from April 24 to August 11, 2013 in the monumental halls of the Palazzo Ducale: an exhibition of approximately eighty paintings, drawings and engravings.

The exhibition was inspired by the need for a critical analysis on the cultural models that inspired the young Manet during the years of his early start painting. These models, up to now almost exclusively referring to the influence of Spanish painting his art were otherwise very close to the Italian Renaissance painting, the exhibition will show how Venetian in which the public can admire, alongside his masterpieces, some exceptional works inspired by the great tableau of the sixteenth century Venetian painting, from Titian to Tintoretto and Lotto in particular.

The Venetian exhibitionĀ  will finally bring to light compelling his relationship with Italy and the lagoon city. A comparison will be very impressive to see that alongside all ‘”Olympia” by Manet (who did not work email before leaving France) and the “Venus of Urbino” by Titian, a masterpiece of Renaissance art and a source of ispirazone the great French artist. Here, then, together, in an unmatched comparison between “modernity,” the eternal art of the great painters, Titian, and the revolutionary Manet.