The Merchant of Venice

The historic San Fantin pharmacy becomes the first flagship store

The Merchant of Venice is the latest project of the Venetian Mavive: a line of luxury fragrances inspired by the art profumatoria Venetian, the precious essences and spices that the Venetians imported through the “mude”, who traveled shipping lanes crucial points of exchange, to trade them throughout Europe.

Such an ambitious project could only choose a prestigious venue for the opening of the first flagship store of the brand: the old pharmacy of Campo San Fantin in Venice.

An ancient pharmacy of the seventeenth century that overlooks Campo San Fantin, next to the Gran Teatro La Fenice. A location of great historical significance since the mid- seventeenth century the local Campo San Fantin, in the heart of the city, hosted the apothecary dedicated to St. Paul , but in 1846 the architect Giambattista Meduna staged the pharmacy giving its valuable aspect which is now reported to or glory.

The central bar in walnut has a large relief depicting stills from a chemistry lab and is right in the wake of the great tradition of Venetian perfume that is part of the new family adventure Vidal who undertook the restoration and care of these precious spaces.

Like the ancient merchants of Venice with which the trajectories of naval expeditions, the mude , connecting a vast territory to provide to the master perfumers most precious commodities, so Mavive revives the skill of the art by proposing a new line The Merchant of Venice that it was in those ancient wisdom inspired .

The project exhibition, curated by Studio RetailDesign (Paolo Lucchetta , Miyako Noda ), aims to find a balance between the exploitation of a single and presentation of new fragrances and new objects of the collections.

A project “made of light and smells ” that is based on sophisticated choices of lighting, LED lamps miniaturized to point out, with screenings and backlights , the exceptional environment and the quality of the wood aesthetic of glass bottles Merchant .

Books, articles , perfumes are arranged in the niches of the Historical Pharmacy, while the adjoining room is devoted to the presentation of new collections and customer relationships in an area characterized by luminous frames and furniture style essential.

Tradition, innovatio , memory and modernity are the ingredients of a project to its spread in different contexts: airports, museums, shops and historical temples of new business, telling a simple story and fascinating, that of mude of Venice, the city ‘s art and capital for a long time even costume and fashion.