New in Venice: a new part of Accademia Gallery opened

A new part of Accademia Gallery was opened a month ago and we visit it.

The intervention of restoration and renovation has been made during 10 years, undergoing a major change, the complex of Santa Maria della Carità. Thanks to this work the Gallery have doubled the square meters of Exposition and gave 30 new rooms to the Museum.

What you see is a precious mix of architecture and technology: the project was made by the architect Tobia Scarpa, son of architect Carlo Scarpa that in the years ‘ 60 made the furnishings of the pinacoteca.

The floors are in grey pastellone technique and white walls, marble or stone are already covered by exhibition panels. Come back to visit la” scala ovata” and the “sala del tablino” made by Andrea Palladio and the large courtyard overlooking the Palladian building that declines the three architectural orders.

The collection is a glance really extraordinary that referred visitors will also enjoy having a drink at the new Café that will open.

New Accademia Gallery will remain open free until the end of February to allow visitors to admire the restoration and start fantasizing, as, admittedly we did ourselves, on the wonderful exhibitions that will be hosted in these spaces.