An overview of Venetian art, all in one place

From blow glass to gondola, from lace to masks

Venetian crafts on display, offering a unique experience and the chance for visitors to find out themserves “how it’s done”. All at Arti Veneziane alla Giudecca.

Venice: a thousand years of history and traditions handed down through the generations.

No visitor to Venice can fail to be fashinated by the traditional arts and craft the locals have developed over the centuries: glass is the first that springs to mind, but also the city is also famous for its bobbin lace, deads, masks and gondola makers. These hallmark Venetian traditions are displayed and illustrated in an original setting on La Giudecca island, in an exbition space composed of genuine Murano glass throughout, in which the arts and crafts of Venice are set out one by one before the visitor and explained.

This journey through the history and art of Venice begins with glass blowing, followed by the characteristic hand-decorated masks and Pellestrina lacework.

The piéce of résistance of the exhibition is the chance to actually see how gondolas are made, demonstrated by the “King of the Oars”, Franco Crea, who has won 12 Historical Regattas – seven of them consecutively – and has come second 8 times!

On the place you can also buy souvenirs like masks, glass, lace and beads: all venetian original.

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