Perfume Museum

Palazzo Mocenigo will reopen at San Stae with a new museum exhibitions dedicated to the scent.

After a radical restyling, recovery, reorganization and expansion of exhibition routes, from November 1 Palazzo Mocenigo at San Stae, Center for the Study of the History of Textiles and Costumes, reopens to the public with the new museum exhibitions dedicated to perfume.

How it were still inhabited by the former owners , the rooms and halls of the renovated Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo present themselves through a new path “circular” strongly suggestive of elegant and sumptuous eighteenth-century furnishings, fabrics and embroideries, paintings and frames, accessories and clothing vintage, coming largely from the collections of the museum and its deposits, but also from other collections of the Fondazione Musei Civici. It ‘s the case of the glass from Murano Glass Museum, with paintings of historical subjects and celebratory Venetian paintings from the Museo Correr, the interrupters and antique laboratory equipment, even from the Correr Museum and old lace of Burano, all works on which were performed important recovery interventions.

On the section dedicated to the history of perfumes and essences are housed artifacts and ancient documents, including the handbook in the cosmetics I notandissimi Secreti de l’Arte Profumaria of Giovanventura Rossetti, published for the first time in Venice in 1555 , the first book the Western scientific approach that catalogs with more than 300 cosmetics formulas in use in Venice at the time and valuable herbaria from the Natural History Museum of Venice, including the famous Herbarium Mattioli.

The well-known German perfume house Drom, which contributes to their side of Mavive providing technical and scientific support for installations on perfum , has also provided some unique pieces from their extraordinary collection of ” Flacconi Storp ” one of the most important world, consisting of more than 2,500 objects and pieces dating to 2,000 BC.

These environments completely returned to use as a museum, which will be home to major themed exhibitions, are also a place of didactic training through real “olfactory stations” that accompany the visitor through their senses to discover this amazing invention, ancient and special , which is closely related to fashion and costume history , now more than ever themes that characterize this renovated home.

Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo
Santa Croce 1992 – Venezia