Ae Oche

In place of the old “Trattoria città di Trani” a group of young children found the Venetian “restaurant Antica trattoria delle Oche”, deriving its name from the adjacent street of the Geese. It immediately reveals a place of reference for all students and young Venetians, and is appreciated for the quality of the pizza, made ​​with a paste made ​​from an old recipe from Puglia and the cheerful and friendly. They proposed three distinct menus for beverages, food, pizzeria with 90 types of pizzas. Currently there are three different “Aeoche” in Venice, Santa Croce 1552, 1414 in Dorsoduro and Cannaregio 158 / a.

Santa Croce 1552, Calle del Tintor, 30135 - Venezia
+39 041 52 41 161
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All days
Closed on Sundays
Water bus Line 1, N | San Stae