Al Mascaron

Frequented by Venetian workers and commuters

The Osteria “Al Mascaron” on calle Santa Maria Formosa in the Castello district, has always been frequented by Venetian workers and commuters, and was formerly known as the resale of local wines and south where there were simple dishes of traditional cuisine Venetian. its name derives from the fact that the bell tower of the Renaissance church nearby, were placed and sculpted features several scary masks to ward off evil, the devil and bad luck. The door of the church tower, there is the “Mascaron” which became the sign of the Osteria. Today, in the halls of local and international artists exhibit their Venetian works with various issues but the common denominator remains Venice ..

Castello 5225, Calle longa S.M.Formosa, 30122 - Venezia
+39 041 52 25 995
+39 041 24 43 856
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Closed on Sundays
Water bus Line 1, 2, N | Rialto