Al Nono Risorto

Characterized by a pergola

In Santa Croce 2338 District you can find the tavern Nono Risorto, a short walk from the Rialto fish market. Frequented mainly by the Venetians, the place is characterized especially by a pergola, where in summer to eat at lunch and dinner becomes a moment of relaxation and vacation. The kitchen serves traditional Venetian dishes, presenting a menu of affordable fixed day following the seasonality of ingredients, but also many other specialties lagoon. Always good pizza for every occasion, of which it holds a wide range.

Santa Croce 2338, Sotoportego de Siora Bettina, 30135 - Venezia
+39 041 52 41 169
Opening hours
All days
Thursdays evening only
Closed on Wednesdays
Water bus Line 1, N | Ca’ d’Oro