Antica Trattoria Bandierette

Venetian cuisine based on fish

the Trattoria Bandierette is located in the Castello district 6671, and is located in what was once the Barbaria delle Tole, the place where once you cut and “peeled” the logs that served many yards that looked out over the lagoon north for the construction of typical lagoon boats. One of the races that took place in the city came in “Barbaria delle Tole.” The award ceremony took place just off of the restaurant. Hence the original name “Bandierette”. The restaurant features a classic Venetian cuisine based on fish, simple in preparation, but much sought after for their fresh products every morning, carefully selected by the owners

Castello 6671, Barbaria De le Tole, 30122 - Venezia
+39 041 52 20 619
Opening hours
All days
Closed on Mondays evening and Tuesdays
Water bus Line 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 21, 22 | Ospedale