Pizzeria La Perla

Over 150 types of pizzas

The Pizzeria La Perla, in Cannaregio Rio TerĂ  dei Franceschi 4615, is one of the most famous in Venice, a meeting point for many Venetians, young people and tourists. It is managed as a family for generations, by people who have decorated the room with pictures and posters that bear witness to their passion for cinema. There are over 150 types of pizzas that one gets to choose from, including trousers, rolled up, but also tasty salads, and several varieties of fish and meat. Do not miss the excellent desserts prepared at home.

Cannaregio 4615, Rio TerĂ  Dei Franceschi, 30121 - Venezia
+39 041 52 85 175
Water bus Line 1, N | Rialto Mercato