Trattoria do Forni

do forni restaurant venice italy

The restaurant Do Forni, back to the traditions and characteristics of the ancient city. In the heyday of the Serenissima, in fact, was here the oven that produced bread and sweets for the nearby convent of San Zaccaria. After the fall of the Republic, the premises used for the first furnace, we expanded the activities of inn. The restaurant features a traditional Venetian cooking, offering fish and shellfish of the Adriatic from Venice according to recipes handed down from past centuries and embellished with seasonal vegetables and delicate sauces, but also for a refined interpretation of Venetian cuisine and Italian combines the use of local meats and vegetables of the influence of international gastronomy.

San Marco 468, Calle dei Spechieri, 30122 - Venezia
+39 041 52 32 148
+39 041 52 88 132
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