Mercatino di “Polvere di Ricordi”

Mercatino di "Polvere di Ricordi"

Antiques sold by professionals, but also by private individuals. This market is the dust of memories, where you can find real deals, and called that precisely because it has the stalls can be found and used antiques, old books, prints, murrine, silverware, toys, records, prints and collectibles of all kinds. The market is held three times a year, in the second weekend of March, the first weekend in October and the last day of November, and communication of the decision of the City Council of Venice, which establishes the exact dates and the allocation of spaces between professional and nonprofessional. The locations of the Market powder Memories are respectively the Herbarium Field in San Polo, Campo San Silvestro at San Polo and Campo Sant ‘Agnese in Dorsoduro.

Dorsoduro, Campo Sant'Agnese, 30123 - Venezia
Water bus Line 2, 5.1, 5.2, 6, 8, 10, 16, N | Zattere