Moors’ clock tower

Moors' clock tower

The Moors’ clock tower in Venice was built in the late XV century by Codussi, and it marks days, hours, moon phases, and zodiac. On the top of it, two statues indicate the time by hitting a bell: they are the Moors (so called for their dark colour).
Down, there are statues of Saint Mark’s lion and of the Virgin with child, on the background of a blue and gold decoration.

Moors’ clock tower is located on Saint Mark square, beside Saint Mark Basilica, on the arch which marks the access to the busy Mercerie road to Rialto. It is possible to visit the tower from the inside, by booking in advance a guided tour. The interior mechanisms and gears will be shown, to finally enjoy a breath-taking view of the square from the upper flor of the clock tower.

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