San Fantin (Church)

Faith and contemporary art

San Fantin church, completed in 1564 by Sansovino (but on the ground of a previous religious building which existed here since IX century), has a simple facade and today is mostly renown for a few interior features, such as a stoup built from a column’s capital and a few paintings by Palma il Giovane. It contains a Tuscan wood crucifix which was carried in front of people sentenced to die, from the dungeon until the place of the execution on Saint Mark square.

The church of San Fantin in Venice is normally closed to public, except when it serves as an exhibition space for the Biennale art exhibit. It is located in front of La Fenice theatre, and can then be reached from Santo Stefano square or from Calle Larga XXII Marzo as well.

San Marco 1965, Campo San Fantin, 30124 - Venezia
Water bus Line 1, 2, N, | San Marco Vallaresso