San Giacometto (Church)

Considered the oldest church in Venice

 San Giacometto church in Rialto is traditionally considered the oldest church in Venice, some even say that it was consacrated in 421. However, it was partially rebuilt in the following centuries just as most of Venetian churches.
Dedicated to San Giacomo Apostolo (therefore it should not be confused with San Giacomo dall’Orio church in Santa Croce district), it has always been considered the “market church”, due to its position in the heart of Rialto market. As a consequence of its position, the inside hosts various altars that were associated with different guilds of craftsmen and merchants.
An extremely interesting feature of it is the outside porch, once a quite common characteristic of religious buildings, today one of the only two still existing in town.

San Giacometto church is a few steps from Rialto bridge, on San Polo side. Nowadays it serves as a concert hall for a private orchestra.

San Polo 1, Campo San Giacomo, 30125 - Venezia
+39 041 52 98 711
Water bus Line 1, 2, N | Rialto