San Lorenzo (Church)

A turbulent destiny

San Lorenzo church of Venice was built in VI-VII century, and a Benedictine convent was added later.
It was rebuilt and restaured several times, but the facade was never either started. Therefore the church┬áremains today unfinished – and closed.
San Lorenzo church suffered for the Napoleon’s closing of 1810 and for the damages occurred in World War I. In both occasions, most of its art went missing or destroyed, such as the sarcophagus of Marco Polo, who had been buried here.
An iron-made three-bay screen is said to have existed in the inside, with the purpose of dividing the space for the public from the space for the nuns.

San Lorenzo church is at a walking distance from Santa Maria Formosa square and from campo San Giovanni e Paolo.

Castello 5069, Campo San Lorenzo, 30122 - Venezia
Water bus Line 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2 | Celestia