San Moisé (Church)

Celebrating Moses and Moisé

San Moisé church in Venice is an extraordinary exemple of Baroc style, like the near Santa Maria del Giglio.
Just like this last one, its facade features the portrait of the sponsor who paid for the works: Vincenzo Fini, Procurator of Saint Mark, surrounded by angels and saints.
Even the name of San Moisé derives from a person: Moisé Venier, who built it in 947 to honour Saint Moses, whom he had been named after. In the complex, this church stands out in the square due to its impressive decoration, realized by Flemish sculptor Merengo.

San Moisé church is at a short distance from Saint Mark square, at the beginning of Calle Larga XXII Marzo. At its side, is the famous Bauer hotel.

San Marco 1456, Campo San Moisé, 30124 - Venezia
+39 041 52 85 840
Opening hours
All days
Closed on Sundays
Water bus Line 1, 2, N, | San Marco Vallaresso