San Simeone Piccolo (Church)

A quite recent church for the oldest Mass rite

 San Simeone Piccolo (small) church is so-called in order to distinguish it from San Simeone Grande (big) church, not far from it.
Those adjectives were probably referring to the size of the two parishes rather than to the churches themselves, since San Simeone Piccolo of Venice is actually bigger than the other.
The present church was finished and consacrated in 1738 (but a previous one existed here). Architect Scalfarotto was allegedly inspired by the sumptuous Salute church and by the Roman Pantheon, cause San Simeon Piccolo is featuring a huge dome and a Neoclassical facade at the same time.

This church is located just in front of the railway station, on the other side of the Grand Canal. Mass in San Simeone Piccolo church is still celebrated in latin and according to the Roman Missal (prior to modifications imposed by the Second Vatican Council in 1962).

Santa Croce 693, Fondamenta San Simeone Piccolo, 30135 - Venezia
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