Spritz and cicchetti

Venetian cicchetti and spritz

 Spritz is the most typical and famous Venetian aperitif, born in Venice at the time of Austrian domination. 
Spritz is a cocktail made with white wine and Aperol or Campari. Drinking spritz is a tradition and a popular rite which marks the end of the workday in the lagoon. At 7PM, bacari and osterie get crowded with people sipping spritz and eating cicchetti. Venetian cicchetti are small portions of food, often prepared with the ingredients of Venetian cuisine, such as baccalà mantecato (creamy codfish) and polenta, but also ham, cheese, vegetables and seafood.
Tramezzino may also be considered a cicchetto: it is a sandwitch prepared with much more filling than the usual tramezzini from other parts of Italy, and it can be consumed with spritz.