Venice without water: welcome to Mestre

The origins of Mestre, an important center just a few minutes from the city of Venice, are very old, a document speaks of Mestre in 710 AD and over the centuries the city has seen several historic events also take place in the Risorgimento. Little remains of the ancient city in present day because the middle of last century the population led to the construction of emergency housing and services in a disorderly manner. 

It attracts many tourists because, thanks to the fact of not being expensive, is an excellent starting point for exploring the nearby Venice. Venice can be reached by train or bus (15 minute trip) and a pass for public transport is valid both in Venice and Mestre.

Ferretto Square is Mestre the center of life where the remains of one of the three towers of the Castle of Mestre and where people go for walks, go shopping in the many shops there, have a drink (the famous spritz) or go to a film in cinemas.

Interesting are also the parks in Mestre, the woods and the strong who can be a great way to spend part of the day especially if you have kids and Venice is too hot. So rent a bike and visit the Bissola Park (which also includes an outdoor pool, useful in the days of summer heat) and the San Giuliano park with a splendid view over the city.