Venice on the Mainland

The North East of Italy and the Venetian Villas within Europe

On September 13-29 the Festival of the Venetian Villas is back of the sixth time with a rich program of events. This year’s main theme is “Venice on the Mainland: the North East of Italy and the Venetian Villas within Europe”, an extraordinary jorney though the Venetian country mansions opening their gates to guided tours, conferences, art exhibitions, theater performances, concerts and folklore events.

The Festival is an opportunity to discover a legacy that is unique to the world, a heritage comprising the finest art, centuries-old parks, history and traditions.

The identity of our land is preserved in the 4,238 Villas scattered across Veneto e Friuli Venezia Giulia: today many of these historical mansions open their doors to visitors to reveal the “Villa Civilization” and the incredible epic of Venice’s history on the mainland.

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