A wonderful place in the lagoon

The Bisol family, whose historic winery is based in S.Stefano di Valdobbiadene, the historic land of prosecco, decided some time ago to adventure in a new story in the lagoon, recovering the ancient walled eve of Venissa on the island of Mazzorbo Burano, in the heart of the Lagoon of Venice.

In this historic estate has been planted the old grape Dorona, from whom was born Venissa, The Liquid Gold of Native Venice.

Venissa represents a tourism and cultural product, compressed and innovative, through which Bisol can bind more and more the prestige of Venice to the charm of Valdobbiadene wine.

The islands of Mazzorbo, Burano and Torcello are located in the northern part of the Lagoon of Venice: the islands are full of nature, colors, flavors and artfully and they represent the “first” Venice. A Torcello in fact arose the first settlements in the lagoon while Burano conquers every visitor with its colors. Crossing a bridge on foot from Burano can be reached Mazzorbo. There are many writers who were fascinated by this part of the lagoon: George Sand, Henry James, Ernest Hemingway and Diego Valeri. Venissa owes its name to the poet Andrea Zanotto “Venessia, Venissa Venusia.”

The Bisol family has recovered this ancient walled vineyard and has planted here the Dorona, ancient autochthonous white grape, typically Venetian, cultivated since the fifteenth century. The wine Venissa pays homage to three traditions of Venice: wine, gold and glass. As explained by Gianluca Bisol “in the design of Giovanni Moretti label has been replaced by a precious gold leaf beaten by a descendant of the family Berta Battiloro. The application itself was carried out by hand and then put the bottle in annealing furnaces in the glass factory Carlo Moretti in Murano .

Orchards and vegetable gardens, dedicated to the cultivation of Venetian specialties, and a fish pond with typical lagoon fish are housed in the estate. In addition, the estate houses the restaurant Venissa run by Chef Antonia Krugmann and her partner Roman De Feo with the invaluable support of the Sous-Chef Arianna Valeria. The menu is based on products of the estate with an original reassessment of the Venetian tradition.

Venissa is the official seat of the Confrérie de Bretagne Huites, that here organizes its events and that combines a menu with Pas Dose valuable talent classical method of Bisol, elected by the brotherhood the only recommended with the oysters.

Even just looking out on the estate and enjoy an aperitif with views will certainly be a moment you will never forget during your visit to Venice.

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