Special Events & Venetian Feasts

A rich calendar of events

When visiting Venice, it would not be unlikely to come across some festival or feast, cause in Venice special events are held all year round. Among the main ones, the following are undoubtedly worth to remember:
– Carnival, in February. The exact dates of Carnival change every year, therefore it is recommendable to check them prior to your travel;
– Saint Mark’s day on 25 of April – the patron Saint’s calebration;
– Festa della Sensa, in May, a boat race and parade to celebrate the city’s marriage to the sea on the Ascension day;
– Redentore feast, also known as “Venetians’ Carnival”, on the third Sunday of July. It is a huge party with traditional pic-nics on Giudecca island and impressive fireworks;
– Regata Storica, a parade of boats on the Grand Canal held on the first Sunday of September;
– Madonna della Salute festival on 21 of November. It is a smaller, winter version of the Redentore feast.
These are only some of the many Venice special events. All of them are free and particularly appreciated by International visitors.

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