What to See in Venice

What to do in Venice?

When planning a trip to Venice, many people ask themselves questions such as “what to do in Venice?”, “what to see in Venice?”.
Well, there are so many things to see in Venice that we can guarantee that your only problem will be the lack of time.
A visitor will probably need months – or maybe years – to see all the things that this city offers to its lovers: tens of museums and monuments and more less one hundred churches: are you still worried about your free time?
If you are, why not to visit one of the many art exhibitions which are regularly held in Venice? And among things to do in Venice in the evening, you might consider one of its theatres, or maybe pay a visit to Venice Casino.
The offer of things to see in Venice is not only rich, but also various, that all kinds of visitors, from couples in honeymoon to families with children, will certainly have an unforgettable stay.

  • Scuola Grande di Santa Maria della Misericordia

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  • Toniolo Theatre

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  • Vedova Museum

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  • Venice Ghetto

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  • Venice Natural History Museum

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