10 Things to do

As suggested by the Venetians

If you put to one side clichés and the usual tourist routes you’ll discover that the Venetians really enjoy their city. So here are our recommendations for 10 things to do in Venice.

  • The first thing we suggest you do is get on a vaporetto on linea 1 which goes from Piazzale Roma along the Canal Grande to the Lido di Venezia. Once on board you’ll be able to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the buildings that face the world’s most famous waterway. Between the entangled boats and gondolas you can admire the fantastic array of colors reflected on the water.
  • Upon returning from the trip you can go shopping in the most famous streets of Venice, the Mercerie and the Calle Larga XXII Marzo, where the top designer labels are found. From Rialto in San Marco you’ll pass through narrow, curvy streets lined with shops that sell leather goods, clothing, footwear, Venetian glass and jewelry.
  • A gondola tour is also a must. On the gondola you’ll see Venice in a completely different way as opposed to walking through its streets. The sound of the oars slowly hitting the canal’s water will take you to another dimension, away from the big city traffic which fortunately Venice is not known for.
  • Venice is also famous for its culinary culture: our suggestion is to take a bacaro tour, in other words a tour of the local taverns that offer tasty cicheti, which are made differently in each tavern. The historic center is full of them: ask the innkeeper’s advice on pairing them with the excellent Veneto and Friuli wines.
  • The Punta della Dogana panorama is a breathtaking view that your memory will cherish for a long time: in fact, this area has a triangular shape and divides the Canal Grande from the Giudecca Canal. The spectacle is simply astonishing, whether it be at sunset, dawn or with the soft moonlight reflected on the water.
  • During the spring season, but also on a sunny day in winter, the Zattere are a great spot for reading your favorite book or just for taking a walk. The foundation is one of the longest in Venice and there are countless bars, restaurants and ice cream parlors. Choose a bench, relax and enjoy the scenery.
  • A unique experience is having an aperitif on the Skyline Rooftop Bar at the Molino Stucky where from the roof you can admire the spectacular views of Venice and its lagoon. If you’re interested there’s a pool on the rooftop! Transportation from San Marco or from the Zattere is free.
  • You can’t leave Venice without going to a concert at the famous Gran Teatro La Fenice. It burned down in 1996 and was then rebuilt. The theater offers more than a hundred performances a year including a rich symphonic season, ballet and chamber music concerts.
  • Venice is also famous for its artisan handicrafts and the craft par excellence is the artistic Murano glass. Take a trip to the island where the magic of glass is renewed daily, and has been for a thousand years, by means of the master glassmakers’ skillful hands. It’s an unforgettable experience.
  • And finally, there is nothing more beautiful than getting lost in Venice, in the maze of its streets, its squares and its courts. Let yourself be carried away in search of places that are less touristy and more secluded. You’ll find  hidden corners that even the Venetians, at times, aren’t aware of. And don’t worry: to get back all you need to do is just ask the Venetian residents for information!