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Now that you have read what is worth a visit in Venice and you know how to book your hotel and to organize your stay here, find useful and practical information to make your Venice experience an unforgettable one!
How to get to Venice? How is the weather in Venice? How one can get around in the town? What is the tourist tax? Is high water dangerous? Is Venice accessible to wheelchairs?
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  • 10 things you shouldn’t do

    A guide for tourists on how to live in and respect the city of Venice Venice is one of the most unique cities in the world. It is a world…

  • High Water

    The so-called high water in Venice (acqua alta) is a phenomenon that interests the city of Venice several days a year. Acqua alta means the flooding of some of Venetian…

  • Tourist Tax

    The tourist tax was introduced in Venice by the Municipality on 24th of August 2011. Aimed at helping this city of less than 60,000 inhabitants to deal with its 20 millions of…

  • Weather in Venice

    How is the weather in Venice? What is the best time to visit Venice? Venice has a temperate climate, although more humid than on the mainland. Therefore, the weather in Venice…