Libraries of Venice

The Urban Library System (SBU) is made ​​up of public libraries (the Municipal Library in Mestre and the Municipality of libraries) and specialist (the Library of the Women’s Center, the Library of Film Circuit, the Library of the Regional Centre of Culture Veneta “Paola di Rosa Settembrini and the Gianni Pellicani’s Library), coordinated by the Library Services Center.

Objectives of the Library System are to develop the library network and share resources and documents in order to guarantee everyone the right to free access to culture and information.

Libraries, in different ways with each other, provide books, audio and video sections for children and teens, bibliographic information services, activities to promote reading, to read and study spaces that can be accessed freely.

The SBU has assets of about 300,000 documents, searchable through the online catalog.
Thanks for free local and interlibrary loan in each library can request documents in libraries and the SBU Library System Museum of the Province of Venice (SBMP, Alvise service), allowing you to search through over 1 million documents. The specialist libraries of the system, to see which pages have special arrangements for consultation and loan documents.

  • Correr Museum Library

    The Library was founded together with the Correr Museum in 1830 by bequest of the Venetian patrician Teodoro Correr (1750-1830), which gives the city of Venice, its art collections, memories…

  • Marciana Library

     Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, or Marciana Library in English, was created in 1468 thanks to a donation of books by Cardinal Bessarion from Byzantium, although the first project for a public…