History of Venice

Venetian history and the Republic of Venice

 The history of Venice is unique and extraordinary at the same time: how did people decide to found a city on the water?
The first settlers of Venice were actually citizens of coastal towns on the Adriatic sea, who escaped the so-called Barbarian invasions in V-VI century, in late Roman Age. They first settled on a few islands on Northern lagoon, such as Torcello and Lido, to later move to what it is actually known as Rialto.
The history of Venice was since that moment marked by an increasing economic growth, particularly stimulated by International trades. Venice saw its political and military power increasing together with its control of the Mediterranean sea, until the history of Venice and of its successes suffered the opening of intercontinental trade routes in the Atlantic.
The crisis of XVIII century led to the end of the glorious Republic of Venice after the invasion of Napoleon in 1797.
However, a short walk in the town can still give an idea of its past glories and provide an insight into Venetian history.