Venice for Disabled People

Venice accessible for disabled in Venice

Because of its configuration and its 435 bridges, Venice may seem an inaccessible city. But that is not the case, because almost 70% of the city is accessible for people with impaired mobility. The city can accommodate mothers with baby carriages, but also the elderly, tourists with their suitcases and people in wheelchairs. Venice is not an architectural barrier, by following a few simple tips it can become a “friendly” city that is livable for all. So here are some suggestions:


Public transportation

All the landing stages for public transportation are accessible to people with impaired mobility. Only if the tide is particularly high do the access ramps become too steep. Remember that the vaporetto of lines 1 and 2, the main routes down the Grand Canal, can carry up to 4 wheelchairs at a time. In addition, Actv and the City of Venice have instituted a special fare for people in wheelchairs: the ticket costs 1.30 euro and includes the fare for an accompanying caregiver.

As for bus service on the road, please remember that not all urban bus routes are equipped to transport people with physical impairments. However, there is a service called “Bus Facile” that provides buses with a lower floor and slide-out platform. It is available on all the buses of lines T1, 2, 4, 4L, 5, 6/ and 15, 24, 24H, 31, 32, 80, H1, H2 which cover most of the mainland and run all the way to Venice.


Accessibility map

The accessibility map for the historic city centre and the islands of Venice provides helpful information that makes it easier to move within the various insulae (areas). It will help you understand whether the insulae are accessible by vaporetto or by means of a facilitated bridge (with lower steps) and find information on parking, public toilets and information stations.

You can download the map at:


Final note: in 2010 the City of Venice decided to remove all the stair lifts on bridges because they were not inadequate for the service required.


Renting wheelchairs

There are many shops specialized in medical and sanitary products in Mestre and Venice that rent wheelchairs for a fee, of the folding or manual type. The service must be reserved at least 10 days in advance.

The following is a list of shops that offer this service:


– Sanitaria ai Miracoli, Cannaregio 6049, phone: 041.5203513

– Sanitaria Gomiero, Castello 6663, phone: 041.5287774

– Sanitrans, Cannaregio 1091/a, phone: 041.5239977

– Sanitaria Tonello, via Doge Domenico 2/c Lido di Venezia, phone: 041.5267714


– Rizzoli Ortopedia Spa filiale di Mestre, Via Circonvallazione, 66/68, phone: 041. 940061 – 041.989411

– Sanitaria Tonello, Via Circonvallazione, 27, phone: 041. 970977

– Sanitaria Vepharma, Via Ospedale, 38, phone: 041. 980026

– Ortopedia e Mobilità Srl, Via Einaudi, 62/A, phone: 041. 952016

– Sanitaria Via Piave, via Piave 124, phone: 041. 929326

– Sanitaria Tuttosalute, Corso del Popolo, 84, phone: 041.5314666