Two beads of Venice: Lido and Malamocco

Two pearls of Venice: Lido and Malamocco

The Lido dubbed the golden isle, is a thin strip of land intended as a “dam” natural , originally used to separate the lagoon from the open sea. The island of Lido , thanks to its favorable geographical position, is an ideal place to stay all year round, especially from March to October.

It is the largest island of the City and one of the few in which circulating cars, connected by ferry boat to Tronchetto. The Lido is the island where the Venetians overwinter, then where in summer there is a massive flow of people that goes going to beaches. But it is also the island of the actors, the stars and VIPs who arrive at the end of August for the Venice International Film Festival, as well as the island of the big hotels like the Excelsior and Des Bains. Chosen as residence by many writers and poets such as Lord Byron and Thomas Mann, who set his novel “Death in Venice ” at the Des Bains, the island is the perfect destination for a holiday in search of tranquility, open spaces, landscapes and relaxing miles of beaches for sunbathing. If you start from Venice, the island is connected thanks to many races ACTV ( the 5.1 and 5.2, the 6.1 and 6.2 , lines 1 and 2) as well as by Alilaguna ( Red Line and Blue ) who races and also from for the Marco Polo Airport.

Its entrance door are Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta and Gran Viale. We advise you to rent a bike and turn it all, until the end, from San Nicolò at Alberoni, through Malamocco.

As you arrive you can rent a bicycle or a risciò if you have kids with you: from Venice Bike Rental (open also Saturday and Sunday from March to end of October) which is located near the beach Blue Moon, in Gran Viale 79 / a. For information 041.5261490. Or in Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta at Anna ‘s rental Gardin & Stefano Valli Strozzi. Another alternative is to use the bike sharing the Municipality. For information there is a dedicated phone number 041.2424333 Monday to Saturday from 7.30am to 8pm with operator, from 8pm to 7:30am and Sundays through voice mail.

Pick a bike and cycle to the Riviera San Nicolò, from which you can admire the spectacular view of San Marco. To your right stands the Votive Temple, which holds the remains of 3,190 fallen people of the two world wars. For information 041.770851 .

Later, on the right, near to the ferry, there is a Jewish cemetery. You can take guided tours, by reservation, on all days of the week. For information phone 041.715359, email .

Keep pedaling and go to the airport Nicelli, in Renato Morandi, a beautiful example of architecture of the thirties. The camp was assiduously frequented by the poet D’Annunzio. Here you can climb the splendid panoramic terraces or have a drink and eat at the restaurant Nicely . For an unforgettable experience , however, we recommend the thrill of seeing Venice from above , on board a helicopter HeliAir Venice. For information 041.5260215 , 041.2428448 fax , email . The price is high , but in front of your eyes will be beautiful scenery of Venice and its typical form of fish.

From here head to the Lungomare Marconi, which will give you the view of the beach establishments, characterized by rows of booths that are in the shape of huts, made of plastic or wood. You can rent one for a few hours, but even for a day or several days simply by visiting the concierge. Or is there a chance to get to the Blue Moon, the factory circular stone that sits at the end of the Gran Viale , which is a public beach open to all. Alternatively, you can also simply rent a parasol. Other beaches where you can enjoy the sun in the wild are located in San Nicolò and Alberoni, or you can choose a destination loved by Venetians, the Murazzi .

Pedaling on your right you will see the famous Hotel Des Bains , where they stayed famous writers and the greatest film actors , from Liz Taylor to Robert de Niro. At the end of the Promenade past the Palazzo del Cinema , still the catwalk for international actors and directors , the meeting point of the movie studios and enthusiasts . To your left past the luxurious Excelsior, also this one of the most famous and rich history of this strip of land .

Keep cycling till Malamocco, an ancient village that will seem like a small Venice, between channels, corti and calli. In Piazza Maggiore there are the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the oldest bridge in the village with its characteristic bow and the Praetorian Palace or Podesta.

In addition to the crowded beaches of swimmers, the Lido you can also enjoy many sports such as horse riding and golf. Horse riding are practiced at the Riding Club which is located in Via Colombo 41 and that you can be contacted at 335.6077774 or 041.5262028 fax. In addition, in Alberoni, there is a famous and prestigious Golf Club, in via Strada Vecchia 1, which is located in an area rich in maritime pines, willows, poplars and mulberry trees (open from Tuesday to Sunday. For information , 041.731333 ) .

Among the many restaurants you should eat at Pachuka Beach, which also offers nightly live on the beach (via Klinger 1, San Niccolò, 041.770147 phone , e- mail: ) at Trattoria Favorita in Via Francesco Duodo 33 ( 041.5261626 phone, email Or in Malamocco to Trattoria al Ponte di Borgo (Via Mercerie phone 041.770090) and the Locanda da Scarso in Piazzale Malamocco 4.