Cycling to Pellestrina

Fishermen Island

Pellestrina is a charming island in the lagoon south of Venice, longer than 10 km. It is a miniature Venice, with short, narrow streets and squares, a small world where the pace is slow. Pellestrina is an island of fishermen, famous for its tranquility but also for its beaches and for the processing of bobbin lace, which is distinct from that of the island of Burano .

Pellestrina has characteristics defenses on the side of the sea, called ” Murazzi “. Buildings are made of Istrian stone, erected by the Venetian Republic in 1700 to defend the island and Venice by the force of the sea. It is therefore ideal for making a nice bike ride, stopping to grab a bite and relax on the beach to take a little ‘sunshine.

To visit the Oasis of Ca ‘Roman, classified as a Site of Community Importance and Special Protection Area. Here you can see species such as the kingfisher, the Black-headed Gull , Herring Gull and the Gull candid, but also the sparrow hawk, peregrine falcon and the marsh harrier. We suggest visiting in spring and autumn, from March to June or September to November because during the summer it is very popular with tourists and bathers. For information contact : mobile 340.6192175 ,

There are several restaurants to eat fresh fish, but beware the prices. You can eat in the most famous trattoria Da Celeste or Ai Pescatori, or Nane From Da Memo.

Remember that at Pellestrina also organized many festivals: in June, and that of St. Anthony of San Pietro in Volta, in August and that of Our Lady of the Apparition of St. Stephen.

If you have time you can visit the small museum of the southern lagoon, which is located in the former school Goldoni di San Pietro in Volta, which offers a succinct exhibition organized into two sections: “The history of Murazzi ” and ” November 4, 1966 , the great fear”. The museum is visited by appointment. For more information: phone 333.6143976 .

The island of Pellestrina is accessible from the Lido of Venice or Chioggia .

If you are cycling from the Lido Santa Maria Elisabetta cover all the Gran Viale, turn right and cycle to the end towards Alberoni . From here continue up to the end of the Lido island. Here you will board the ferry that will land in Pellestrina . If you go by foot , once landed at the Lido Santa Maria Elisabetta take bus line 11 and remain on board .

If you come from Chioggia bike you have to embark on the ship , but be careful that there is not much room for bicycles and in the summer there are long queues for boarding . If you are walking the same path .