The gondola da parada

The gondola da parada

In addition, or alternatively, to the classic gondola ride, a real experience to do is to get on a “gondola da parada” , ie the ferry that connects, in some places , the two banks of the Grand Canal. For a gondola ferry a tourist spends € 2 (the Venetians have the subsidized price of 70 cents) and , usually , more curious to cross the stretch is what the Santa Sofia arrives directly at the famous Rialto market . The advice is to accept the hand that promises you a gondolier to board: remember that the waves are rocking the boat and if you are not accustomed you may risk of falling.

You can find “the gondola ferry” it in the “Stazi”: that the list here :

From Santa Sofia you reach the heart of the Rialto Market and is useful to communicate the Cannaregio district with that of Santa Croce and San Polo . The ferry operates from 7.30 to 1pm on weekdays, Sundays and holidays from 8.45 am to 7pm.

Also from the ferry in Riva del Carbon you can reach Rialto and avoids the pedestrian traffic on the bridge. The ferry connects the district of San Marco with the San Polo and is open weekdays from 8am to 1pm .

At Dogana the ferry runs from 9am to 2pm . Whit this gondola you will arrive in Piazza San Marco, in the most beautiful salon in the world.

If you’re close to Salute and Zattere (Dorsoduro district ) you can take the ferry that will take you to Santa Maria del Giglio (and vice versa) for easy access to San Marco, Calle Larga XXII Marzo, or Campo Santo Stefan . A curiosity: the ferry (on weekdays and holidays from 9 to 6pm) stops only in the days of the feast of Madonna della Salute ( November 21 ), because the two sides are connected by a floating bridge (formerly a bridge of boats ) to allow the Venetians to reach the temple to the traditional pilgrimage to Our Lady.

The gondola from San Toma allow pedestrians that are in the area west of San Polo – ie the Frari and San Toma or near Ca ‘ Foscari – save time to reach the San Marco area, Campo Sant’Angelo and Santo Stephen. The schedule of the ferry is from 7.30 to 8pm on weekdays and from 8.30 to 7.30pm on holidays.

Finally , the ferry of San Samuele ( from 8.30am to 1.30pm ) is used to connect the west side of San Marco with the eastern part of Dorsoduro, thus avoiding to cross the Accademia Bridge . If you have planned a visit to Palazzo Grassi and Ca ‘ Rezzonico this ferry is perfect, you will save much time, you can instead devote to your cultural trip .