The love stops at sunset

The stops of love at sunset

A ray of sunlight that cuts a street and touches the hair of your woman. The sun sets and paints in red, orange and pink clouds , the sky and the roofs of the city. The gondola that shakes the water and produces the unmistakable sound in the silence on the channels. Impossible not to fall in love with Venice. Even less if your side you have your love. Leave the driving home and get lost in this maze of narrow streets hand in hand , indulge the senses and retrace these streets once crossed by merchants, nobles and doges . Fall in love again your woman and your man wrapped in a light mist that the city gives you . We suggest some ideal places to visit at sunset , when the atmosphere is even more picturesque and romantic.

From Campo Santi Apostoli arrive at Campiello De La Cason, where there is a beautiful tree and flower bed around. Cross the bridge and you will find yourself in Campo San Canzian: step forward with building the porch, below you can see the old floor in a herringbone pattern. From here turn left in the direction Fondamente Nove, and after a maze of narrow streets you will find yourself in Calle Varisco. This is the narrowest street in Venice, where he spends barely one person even with its 50 cm wide. Fortunately it is not a busy street , as emerges in a channel. Let take a picture here, you can frame your on your return!

Take back and still go to the left. Then come in small Campiello De La Madonna , where , looking up, you will find a plaque commemorating the house where he lived and died the painter Francesco Guardi who portrayed in all the beauty of the city.

Bring your love also in Calle De L’ Arco, near Rialto, behind the Ruga: there is a small street very close also this one, which comes out on Calle Del Figher: give a kiss to your lover while crossing , will bring good luck !

A Fondamente Nove, the show that opens the lagoon from the top of the Ponte DonĂ  delle Rose will leave you breathless. Try it for yourself .

Behind Campo Sant’Angelo is a very pretty courtyard with a beautiful portal and an ancient well-head: it is called Corte De Le Pizzocchere. It will be a wonderful discovery !

A few steps from Campo Manin , near San Luca , there is a court that will leave you breathless for the beauty of its tower. This is the Scala Contarini del Bovolo, a cylindrical tower which winds spiral, in Gothic style. Climb up that ladder , from the top you can embrace your woman and enjoy a splendid view over the rooftops of Venice.

At the Museo Correr visit the rooms where he stayed Empress Sissi between 1861 and 1862 and relive her tormented love affair with the Emperor Franz Joseph.

Bring your woman in Calle della Regina, in the Santa Croce district , dedicated to Caterina Cornaro, who became Queen of Cyprus became in 1472. Make even your woman feel like a queen!

Take her for a drink on the terrace of prosciutteria Dok Dall’Ava, close to Cinema Rossini, or on the terrace of the Sky bar at the Molino Stucky, or on the terrace of the bar shadow of the Lion, Ca ‘Giustinian, where there is the Venice Biennale. Romanticism at the highest level !

Kiss your woman looking at the Bridge of Sighs, or on top of the Rialto Bridge, from where you have beautiful views of the Grand Canal .

Piazza San Marco at night is even more fascinating: enjoy the sun that dies from a table in one of the square’s historic coffee. The music will be the soundtrack of your romantic weekend.

Finally, have fun chasing your love in Borges Labyrinth, which is located within the beautiful spaces of the complex of the Giorgio Cini Foundation on the island of San Giorgio. The Labyrinth is named after the famous poet and writer. To arrange a visit please contact the number 041.2414022 .