A tour between Caorle and Eraclea

A tour of Caorle and Eraclea

The lagoon, the sea, rivers and canals that cross and blend the campaign. Caorle is definitely worth a day if you are in Venice. Just an hour from Venice, Caorle is an ancient city where you can see traces of the splendor of Venice and that has preserved the charm of its fishing village sandwiched between squares and alleys. Just think of the paving of the Bishop’s Square, made of Euganean trachyte, which refers to the Piazza San Marco. The old town is dominated by the cylindrical tower and the Romanesque cathedral in 1038. The Duomo presents 18 massive columns connected by rhythmic arches, arranged in two rows. You should also visit the Liturgical Museum, which houses ancient relics and sacred vestments. Of greatest interest are the remains of the saint to whom the Cathedral is dedicated: they are the skull and blood of Saint Stephen. The bell tower , built around 1000, is instead the symbol of the city: 48 meters high, was once used as a lookout tower and lookout .

In addition to the Duomo, you may also visiting the shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary , saint patron of fishermen from which you will have a spectacular view. You will notice the fresco in the vault of the ceiling , depicting the fishermen of Caorle stunned in front of the wooden statue of Mary holding the baby, found in the open sea. On either side of the entrance door , instead, read the inscription that commemorates the terrible flood of December 31, 1727 : the sea water reached a height of one meter and 60 centimeters, but not a single drop penetrated into the sanctuary .

But if you want to enjoy the scents of the lagoon and the countryside , land and water , we recommend a nice walk, maybe with a bicycle, in front of the channel Nicesolo, one of the most typical areas where the houses are often in front of the nets fishing . You can see the picturesque fishermen’s huts , traditional wooden buildings and reeds , which bear witness to the ancient inhabitants’ relationship with the lagoon .

Among the main attractions, Caorle includes the sandy beaches that stretch for fifteen miles and offer many opportunities for fun and entertainment for tourists. You will find for example Duna Verde, a place of tourist villages in the countryside, where you can still admire the ancient dunes and coastal pine forest . They are definitely worth seeing the sculpted rocks , that a boardwalk that takes visitors from the center to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Angels .

Caorle also means excellent food and local dishes are based on fish especially in the valleys, accompanied by polenta. Are very tasty fish soup, sardines in sauce , eel and octopus skewer .

After the visit to Caorle you should make a stop in Eraclea, dubbed the “Green Pearl” of the Adriatic thanks to the presence of the beautiful pine forest with more than 3 thousand umbrella pines open behind the beach. It is the ideal place for families and for a holiday of sun, sea and nature, where you can also practice many sports : from mini golf to horse riding, from beach volleyball to soccer. The snack- bars which are located along the coast entertainment activities take place throughout the day, with bowling tournaments, card games and concerts. For children, every night from 7pm to midnight opens the playground Foams (via Danakil) , equipped with slides and rubber toys .

Among the things to see there is definitely the natural environment of the Laguna del Mort, with shallow and sandy -rich phytoplankton, where they live mussels, clams, oysters, crabs, mullet, plaice and sole.

Even in Eraclea there is a rich gastronomy that sees the contamination of the food poor fishermen with that of the peasants . Among the specialties, therefore, not only the fish but also the game, meat, cereals, vegetables and herbs . Among the dishes to eat you indicate radicchio with beans, polenta and suppressed, pork sausage with grated horseradish, ears and pig tails, tops omelette with wild hops .

To reach Venice from Caorle Eraclea and there is a special bus connection Atvo (transport company eastern Veneto ) that links the resort in about an hour. For information on schedules, fares and where to buy tickets visit www.atvo.it.

If you have car, among the many restaurants and agriturismo you will encounter you should eat farm Ca ‘ Lealtà, in Marengo (Strada Durisi 20, you can book at 338.1806213 ), or Al Doge, in the Via Coda di Gatto 51, which offers organic dishes (for information agriturismoaldoge@libero.it ).