Othello at Palazzo Ducale in Venice

Atfer forty years, Verdi’s Othello is back at Doge’s Palace

It is the Maestro Myung-Whun Chung’s Othello, who inaugurated the Osaka Festival Hall with a standing ovation by the Japanese public, who welcomes one of the most celebrated operas by Giuseppe Verdi at the Doge’s Palace, after forty years. A legendary story became a grandiose spectacle. All this on July 10, 14 e 17 at 9.30pm.

It will be an extraordinary opportunity to relive the story of the passion of the general Othello for Desdemona, enjoying the show from the courtyard of Doge’s Palace. 

The idea of ​​creating “Othello” in the courtyard of the Doge’s Palace at the foot of the Scala dei Giganti, was  by Floris Ammannati, a very creative superintendent of the Teatro La Fenice. Ammannati was interested in a spectacular production that would enhance deceive and at the same time, a Venetianwork  and the ornamental splendor of the monument. In August of 1960 was staged for the first time the work. The success was clamorous.

Myung-Whun Chung is one of the most important orchestra conductor in the world. One of his most ambitious project has been that of uniting in a single orchestra musicians from North and South Korea: “Peace win through music. I remain convinced by the possibility of repeating this initiative again” he declared after having directed the concert which inaugurated the Osaka Festival Hall.

We have tickets for sale at special prices.

For the PREMIER of July: 2oo for the poltrona centralel (instead of € 300) and € 130 for the poltrona (instead of 200).

For other representations of July 14 e 17: 200 for the poltronissima (instead of € 300), € 140 for the poltrona centrale (instead of 220) and 80 for poltrona (instead of 120).

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