Pontoon bridge over the Gran Canal

The only chance to walk through the canal, floating on the water.

The Festa della Salute is definitely not a turistic event, in fact it comes from the tradition and the strong religious sentiment of Venetians who crowd the Basilica throughtout the narrow streets of Accademia or the ferry line n. 1 from San Marco.

As the “Festa del Redentore” (Feast of the Redeemer), this recurrence is reminiscent of a terrible plague in 1630-31, and the subsequent vow by the Doge to obtain the intercession of the Virgin. Like the Redeemer feast, it is typical of Venetian life.

The design of the Basilica as a thanksgiving to the Holy Mary for having put an end to the plague, was given to Baldassarre Longhena who gave an answer to the greatness required by the Serene Republic.

Every November 21, the votive bridge is erected on boats to ease the flow of pilgrims and this floating bridge too is an attraction for tourists. Tourists who are in the city during these days of November can enjoy only few restaurants with the typical castradina, a tasty dish made with mutton.