Fornace Mian

Founded in Murano in 1962 by Alfio Mian, the furnace flourished thanks to the commitment and love of the glass-making art that he transmitted to his son Giuliano (now chairman) and then to his grandchildren, the third generation of the family.

The company exports its products, objects, sculptures, chandeliers and lamps all over the world,

While reflecting and respecting Murano’s glass-making traditions gift items, furnishing accessories and lights are also designed to meet our customers’ different tastes as well as their differing budgets.

The winning result is a diversified product range distinguished by the same unswerving high quality differing in terms of style.

The company can respond to all types of need and offers customers the exclusive chance to develop exclusive personalised projects.

Fornace Mian contributes with a highly specialised structure, 50 years of experience and the age-old skills of the master glass-blowers.



Fondamenta Vetrai 143, 30141, Murano, Venezia
+30 041 739432
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