San Nicolò dei Mendicoli (Church)

An uncommon porch

San Nicolò dei Mendicoli church dates back to XII century (with later remodelling and rebuildings). The word mendicoli says for the Italian word mendicanti (beggars), to mean that this area was mostly inhabitated by modest people (mainly fishermen).
The side porch has been reconstructed in XIX century with pieces of the original one from the XII century. The porch, which hosted poor women for the night time, was anciently a quite typical feature, but nowadays only this one and another one in San Giacomo di Rialto church are still existing.

San Nicolò dei Mendicoli church of Venice is located in Dorsoduro neighbourhood.

Dorsoduro 1907, Campo S. Nicolò dei Mendicoli, 30123 - Venezia
+39 041 27 50 832
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All days
Water bus Line 2, 6, 8, N | San Basilio